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Working Recruitment Mums – How Do They Do It?!

Working Recruitment Mums – How Do They Do It?!

So here it goes, I’m wondering what the general opinion is on working mums in the recruitment industry? I would especially like to hear from working mums who are currently working in recruitment and making it work – how are you finding it?

I’ve been meeting some incredibly inspiring working mums recently (clients and candidates) who somehow just manage to stay super organised whilst perfecting this balancing act of looking after small person(s), maintaining a profitable recruitment desk and everything else in between – all with next to no sleep! Me? Well, I can barely function without a solid 8 hours sleep so how do they do it?

My honest opinion: in this day and age, with laptops and smart phones, there is no reason why you can’t be a successful recruiter whilst also juggling a busy household. Difficult? Absolutely yes! Impossible? Definitely not!

I’m urging clients to start considering candidates who need more flexibility around their work – these candidates wouldn’t choose this path if they weren’t prepared for serious dedication and hard work – and it just so happens the majority of working recruitment mums I speak to are managing to bill in excess of £10,000 per month.

Simply put, as a small business owner myself, if you’re paying a consultant a pro rata’d salary (let’s say a £20k salary, as an example, for a consultant working 3 days per week,  pro rata salary costs costing you circa £1,000 a month salary costs + £1,000 to £2,000 a month overhead/commission costs) – what would that consultant need to bill in order to bring what you would consider a healthy profit?

Understandably, not all businesses want to operate in this style but I’d love to hear from business owners who have tried hiring recruiters part-time – has it worked or has it not? And those working recruitment parents who do make it work? How?

As always, thoughts/views/opinions/comments/likes/shares are much appreciated! 

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