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Sometimes in the R2R industry, I am completely flabbergasted by the actions of some recruiters. Today is one of those days… After dealing with a candidate for months (met them, spoken to them countless times over the phone and know them well at this point) – their chosen method for turning down a job is TEXT.

Texting, by its very nature, is meant to be brief. It was intended to convey short pieces of information so we can connect with one another more easily, without a phone call. By not talking face-to-face about difficult subjects, you’re simply avoiding the topic rather than facing it head on.

Some use texting as a way to sort-of talk about it, but without all that messy irrationality that comes with a direct conversation. Have you ever had a someone (personal or professional) misconstrued a text that has been sent and subsequently things get blown out of proportion? This is exactly why we prefer to talk about important subjects over the phone – things are always misconstrued by text and email. Technology is great in so many ways but important conversations (good or bad) should be held over the phone or face to face.

 “Every action has a reaction”the older I get, the more this rings true. I am a firm believer in acting with integrity, no matter the situation, personally or professionally.

I am proud to say as a recruiter and business owner, I always stay human and do my best to put myself in that candidate or clients shoes. I would never let down a candidate via text. I genuinely care about my reputation and I want to be known as a trusted partner in the recruitment industry. I am even prouder to say I am building a team with these morals too.

Have you ever texted something that was taken the wrong way and caused an even bigger problem? As always, any comments/shares/likes/views are always appreciated.

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