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Why Recruiters & Recruitment Agencies should embrace Instagram? #InsertHashtagHere

Instagram boasts over 400 million users globally, the latest statistic as of September 2015. #OMG

Instagram has clearly caught the hearts of many. There are many who love to post their shenanigans from day to day living (holidays, work, weekend activities, food, pets, family, funny memes) – we have all heard the hashtags #selfie, #womancrushwednesday or #mancrushmonday, #couplegoals, #fitnessinspo through to #nofilter, #throwbackthursday, #instadaily and #catsofinstagram. There’s #love in the air – this is apparently one of the top trending hashtags!

Let’s face it. We’re growing up in the age of technology and for any business (not just recruitment agencies) to thrive, it’s so important to become excellent marketers. And if you don’t? Well, be prepared to fall below the rest.

Did you know 90% of Instagram’s users are under the age of 35 years old? As the youngest of the Millennial Generation come of age (myself included), it is pretty obvious what a powerful and important population this is for businesses. Millennials are one of the most studied generations ever, with brands desperate to understand lives shaped by the internet and to determine the role they can play within them.

In general, what we’re seeing from many organisations is much less in the way of dismissive “social media is trivial” stuff and a more positive view of whether it’s relevant for professional businesses. This is good news for both us and them!

Instagram has an advantage against all the other social media networks. We all know that images are the most popular type of content, so how do you go about embracing that on a platform which is all about posting imagery?

Getting started:

Choose an account name easily tied to your business
Profile photo; simple is best – I would recommend using your brands logo
Include the link to your website
A short but sweet captivating information section
Start with a clear goal

Create your brand look & feel:

Regularly be #onpoint by using your branding colours
Amazing offices? Showcase them on Instagram. @Google are a prime example of this
Do your team raise money for charity through team bake offs, muddy runs or marathons? Post it
Incentives (lunch clubs, international trips, team building days) – let the world know what it’s like to work in your business

Cultivate a following:

Play an active role with your community
Use relevant hashtags
Engage by following others and liking their posts
Follow your followers

Inspire your audience:

Find a balance of fun and “work” photos
Capture things that are interesting to the brand and to the core target customer
Train your eye to focus on what makes a great, provocative, engaging image

There are individuals who have built careers off Instagram. And highly successful entrepreneurs who have embraced this excellent app. Here are a few examples of our favourite accounts.

Michele Stuart follows/likes Nicole Williams, Go Pro and David Beckham:

Lauren Jenkins follows/likes Fanny Lyckman (it’s swedish :| ), Jay Alvarrez and Time Out London:

Charlotte Pope follows/likes Adam Levine, Luamky and Jamie Oliver:

Hopefully I’ve given you an easy guide of how to get your recruitment agency on this mobile platform. I’m an active user of Instagram, both personally and professionally, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

You can find our company page by searching Ivory Jacobs or @rec2rec. Please do feel free to follow us and we will certainly follow you back. #FollowForFollow?

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Recruitment changed my life… How has it changed yours?!

In short, the reasons why recruitment changed my life;-

The money has given me a comfortable lifestyle which can only get bigger & better The progression has meant I could become my own boss in the space of three years I’ve made friends for life I am always excited to go to work

I am 24 years old and the very proud of Owner/Director of Ivory Jacobs. We’re a small, boutique Rec to Rec agency on the South Coast. We’re ambitious and have big plans to take the UK market by storm. I set up Ivory Jacobs in May 2013 and employed Charlotte 18 months ago & Lauren 12 months ago – we have taken and will continue to take our time to build a strong team who are genuinely built on respect, loyalty and honesty. I am proud of what I have achieved at my age but there is SO much more to do.

Growing up I was definitely ‘that teen’; the one who had “Michele has so much potential but is very easily distracted” in every single school report. University wasn’t the route for me. To be honest, I genuinely had no idea what career path I wanted to follow.

At 18 years old, I started working for The Cobra Group in Door to Door sales. Here I spent 18 months on 100% commission, I was selling Sky TV, working 14 hour days Monday to Saturday in the rain or shine. Not the easiest of jobs out there but the most invaluable skills learnt – I learnt a lot about myself, and I now knew I’d graft harder than anyone else if I wanted something.

I found myself in the wonderful world of recruitment just shy of 5 years ago and I have not looked back since; it’s been emotional, stressful and have no doubt gained a few grey hairs over the years. However, I’ve absolutely LOVED my career to date and some say I even bleed recruitment (Lauren Jenkins mainly) – there’s arguably no other industry where you can join with virtually no experience and become a Team Leader/Manager/Director within a few years (if you work hard enough!)

Whilst I loved the stability of my life, my job and my routine… I wanted to take a risk, I wanted to take myself out my comfort zone and most importantly I wanted to better my future. So I did it! I set up Ivory Jacobs in May 2013 and what a journey (or roller coaster) the last 2 years have been…… Early mornings, late nights, mistakes, victories, learning, development and more emotion than I’d ever have imagined.

Recruitment genuinely changed my life. 2015 so far has been the best year of my life both personally and professionally – my career has never been better and because of this I have been able to do things, see things and lead a happy life!

Enough of my life story… There are people out there who have been very successful in recruitment (much more successful than me) and I’d love to hear your stories – so tell me, why did you get into recruitment and how has it changed your life?

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July/August 2015 Candidate Referral Incentive

Ivory Jacobs are lucky enough to boast an impressive client base with a wide range of vacancies including;- Resourcer/Trainee Recruitment Consultant level all the way through to Recruitment Consultant/Senior Recruitment Consultant and Team Leader/Manager/Director.

Did you know half of our business is made up via trusted candidate referrals? We have paid out thousands this year alone. 

We have included an extra special incentive for all those candidate referrals – we will send you a £30.00 voucher of your choice upon completion of your referred candidates first interview. On top of this, we pay £250-£500 (depending on level of candidate) upon placement.

Know anyone? All we need is a name and LinkedIn or contact number or email address. You can contact our Managing Director Michele Stuart with your referrals. Happy to keep all referrals confidential and discrete.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07415 887330

Candidates must have at least 3 months recruitment experience*

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“When I grow up, I want to become a Recruitment Consultant”

Recruitment is a multi-billion pound industry and is larger than both the automotive and the sports industry… Fact! So it’s no surprise that a lot of agencies are on the hunt for their next big biller in the form of an ambitious, driven, hardworking university graduate!

I do a lot of our Graduate Recruitment here at Ivory Jacobs and I feel that after graduating myself 2 years ago and starting my Recruitment career almost 12 months ago that I can give my candidates a brutally honest, personal opinion and insight into what to expect when starting out in this industry.

I have never come across anybody who sets out to university saying ‘When I grow up, I want to become a Recruitment Consultant’ but yet for many graduates, it is an appealing and relevant career choice. But Why?

The recruitment industry is certainly not for everybody, but for those considering it as a career; here are some reasons as to why I believe it is the right choice:

          1. Money

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that money was the real reason I do this job. Like many young, materialistic people of my generation, I measure my success by the things I own. Being a greedy person, I didn’t want to earn the national average of £27,000 at the peak of my career, I wanted to earn big and fast!

Recruitment really does offer you a chance to earn double your basic salary in commission. Nothing is guaranteed and you have to work extremely hard and never drop the ball, but if you do; it is possible to double your basic salary with commission and within just a few years, earn a six figure salary.

  2. Autonomy

Never one to really enjoy being told what to do, I always liked the idea of being my own boss. In recruitment you kind of are! Your ‘desk’ becomes yours to build, develop and grow and if you don’t do that, the first person it is going to affect is yourself! You get out, what you put in – it’s as simple as that.

Yes, you are going to have targets and KPI’s to hit, that’s your companies’ way of making sure you are doing your very best, staying focused and challenged. But don’t be put off by them, embrace them. They are not put there to catch you out, they are there to push you to be the very best!

  3. Career Progression

I started as out as a Resourcer, purely focusing on candidates, learning the industry and getting my head around it all! I was promoted to Trainee Consultant after 6 months and Recruitment Consultant by 12 months – and it really is onwards and upwards from there. I guess what inspired me so much, was seeing my Director Michele start her own Recruitment Agency at the age of 21. This industry is for the ambitious, self believes and doers.

The best bit about this job is that if you are successful, it is hard to go unnoticed. Smashing targets, winning incentives and becoming a big biller is the recipe to your next promotion!

This industry certainly does not suit everybody and I spend a lot of time with each graduate to ensure that this is what they want to do, that they understand what it takes and that they are committed to working hard to be able to reap the benefits.

We genuinely care about our candidates and understand for graduates that choosing a career path is a massive decision. We like to equip our grads with as much information and truthful insight as possible and stay in contact with them throughout their first 12 months to advise and guide them through.

So my advice for graduates considering a career in Recruitment?

Do your research. Ask questions. Believe in yourself. Take a leap of faith.

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