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How Millennials changed the recruitment industry…

How Millennials changed the recruitment industry…

Millennials = Millennials are the generation born between 1982 and sometime in the early 2000′s.

So the other day I noticed a recruiter’s post which described Millennials as lazy and unproductive. I decided not to comment at the time but it has been playing on my mind ever since so I decided to write a post defending the Millennial generation.

I myself am a ‘Millennial’ – I was born in 1991 (making me 25 years old now) and I set up my first business at 21 years old. Millennials are a materialistic generation; we want more but want to work less. Here’s the BIG but, I am far from lazy and I am far from unproductive. Will I try to find the most prompt, effective route to the end goal in practically any situation? Of course. Will I cut corners? Absolutely not. Will I work 12 hour days for the next 15 years if it means there’s the potential opportunity I can retire on a beach in the Bahamas – YES, yes I will. It might be naive but I’d say it’s more productive if anything.

Millennials have changed (or perhaps disrupted) the workplace. Millennials have forced Generation X to become more flexible in the way they work whether they like it or not. If you want to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced, changing workplace, you can genuinely learn a lesson or two from Millennials.

Millennials are: Tech-savvy Marketeers

Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress – whether we’re posting about our latest workouts, the fancy restaurant we went to at the weekend, our pets, our holidays. Millennials can work these platforms in a nanosecond and they’re going to be a huge part of the ever-changing recruitment industry so Millennials already have an advantage.

Millennials are: Entrepreneurs

Millennials are a true entrepreneur generation. It’s human nature to want to settle into a routine but Millennials realise how quickly you can gain new skills by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and throwing yourself in the deep end. For myself, starting a business (even if it didn’t work out) I knew would teach me more in 2 years than plodding along in my old job – and I was right – luckily for me it did work out!

Millennials are: Empathetic Counsellors

I’m speaking for myself here. Millennials are often criticised for being selfish / self-obsessed. There are so many Millennials with big caring hearts out there. I would hope that each and every candidate / client I’ve met & represented has felt like I genuinely care – because I do. My work and my reputation mean the world to me.

So you want to get the best out of Millennials (in particular in the recruitment industry) what should you be offering and you should be managing?

Millennials want: Freedom

Admittedly… We can be a bit (or a lot) of a pain in the bum to manage. We want the freedom to make choices and we feel like we need to make an impact. For leaders, this means creating an empowering environment. Generation X are more accepting of a ‘traditional career path’ but Millennials are looking for something away from the ordinary.

Millennials want: Management

I know Millennials seem difficult to manage – but it’s actually very simple. Millennials are looking for support and guidance – they are not looking for a micro manager breathing down their neck every two minutes. I’m not saying let your Millennials rule the roost but you would be surprised at the loyalty / hard work you will receive in return.

Millennials want: Incentives

Notice how more agencies are now offering ‘cool’ workplaces, flexible working and incentives (lunch at Michelin star restaurants, 5* holidays, cash prizes, Rolex watches, Mulberry handbags) – we want our Instagram pages to make us look like absolute ballers!

Millennials do get a bad wrap but I believe it can come down to a misconception of who we are and what we’re looking for.

As always, I’d love your comments/thoughts/opinions/shares/likes/feedback, so please do like & share and comment with your views.

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