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Are you a pig in a blanket? Don’t get “wrapped up” in a basic salary

Are you a pig in a blanket? Don’t get “wrapped up” in a basic salary


As my fellow recruitment associates can appreciate, one of the challenges we face on a weekly (if not daily) basis is candidates that demand an unrealistic basic salary for their level of experience and success to date. Part of our role is to be direct, as well as consultative, as well as realistic when situations like this arise. However, we are dealing with humans – and humans can be stubborn.

My question is, how can an individual demand perhaps a £5k to £10k increase on their basic salary? Can that individual genuinely warrant this uplift? Have they been successful in their current/previous role(s)? And will they bring something to the table to make this uplift worth it?

Now… We have recently placed a candidate who was severely underpaid but absolutely over-performing. In this case, we managed to secure the candidate a £8000 increase because they had genuine, proven success in their previous role. I’m not saying people aren’t worth a higher paid salary, what I’m trying to express is that if you haven’t had much success in your current role why do you believe you are worth more in a new company?

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes – we find candidates who will demand an increase simply because “they’re looking for a new role” and therefore “deserve a higher package”. We can fully understand and appreciate a natural uplift of £1k – £2k. However, how can a candidate expect a huge increase if they’re looking for a new role due to reasons such as:

  • Relationship breakdown with their direct manager or team members 
  • Not generating revenue (mainly aimed at recruiters/sales professionals)
  • Not willing to put hard graft in, for example, looking for an easy ride

In order to get that juicy basic salary, you have to earn your stripes. As a Recruitment Consultant looking for a new role, you have to ask yourself ’How much have revenue have I generated? What new clients have I won? Have I built up an impressive candidate network?’ A company are going to be asking themselves “what can they bring to the table” that will drive their business forward in order to warrant the big flashy package?

I’d love to hear my networks opinion on this? Does that happen often in other industries and/or with your candidates?

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